March 2010

Fuse Arts presents two evenings of newly commissioned contemporary classical music by acclaimed composers Laura Bowler, Elo Masing, Jacob Thompson, Mihailo Trandafilovski, Drew Wilson and Raymond Yiu, with creative direction from Mihailo Trandafilovski. Reflecting the philosophy of Fuse Arts, these two events bring together artists working in different disciplines in the development of new works of art. The proceeds of ticket sales go towards supporting the South London Gallery and its award winning education programmes for children, families and young people.

Performances by the Kreutzer Quartet and Lontano Ensemble are the outcome of a unique collaboration of musicians coming together to musically map the borough of Southwark with new compositions written in response to this inner city landscape.

Opening this distinctive programme of events on Tuesday 23 March is the Kreutzer Quartet, musically responding to a range of contemporary works of art. The programme includes works by Jim Aitchison, Gloria Coates, Jeremy Dale Roberts, Fabrice Fitch, David Gorton, Haflidi Hallgrimsson, David Matthews and Paul Pellay as well as premieres of works by Laura Bowler, Elo Masing and Mihailo Trandafilovski.

Thursday 25 March sees Odaline de la Martinez, the BBC Proms’ first female conductor, lead musicians from the Lontano ensemble. They perform compositions by Drew Wilson, Odaline de la Martinez, Jacob Thompson and Raymond Yiu. These compositions are complemented by new works resulting from six workshops with A-Level music students at City of London Academy in Southwark led by composer, singer and pianist Juwon Ogungbe.

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