April 2015

Another brilliant performance of my piece One, Changing (ConTempora/conductor Sašo Tatarčevski) and a fantastic premiere of Ripple Effect (2) by Ana Gaceva (with Bitola Chamber Orchestra/conductor Zsolt Nagy), at this year’s Days of Macedonian Music Contemporary Music Festival (brochure here).  Such a privilege to share my music with collaborators/friends from my home country.  Here are some rehearsal/concert photos (courtesy Maja Argakijeva) that capture the atmosphere:

ConTempora/Saso Tatarcevski

ConTempora/Sašo Tatarčevski

With SasoTatarcevski

With conductor Sašo Tatarčevski


Ana Gaceva/Bitola Chamber Orchestra


Ana Gaceva/Zsolt Nagy/Bitola Chamber Orchestra

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